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Leadership Fox Cities, a program of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc., strives to ensure continuation of the area’s quality of life by providing a forum to develop and motivate future leaders.

BENEFITS OF LEADERSHIP FOX CITIES, a Community Development Program
  • Participants gain access to leaders they may not have met, and learn first-hand about community needs and resources beyond their previous experience.
  • Participants engage in active learning, ask their own questions, and become aware of resources.
  • Participants learn to work within diverse groups, develop consensus and to work together for a common good.
  • Participants form a new leadership network and engage in service on boards, committees, etc.

Leadership Fox Cities is open to persons living or working in the greater Fox Cities area.

Leadership Fox Cities thoughtfully considers information submitted on this application, and carefully selects a diverse group of applicants to create a class representing the business community, the arts, education, religion, government and community based organizations. Applicants must have the full support of the organization or corporation they represent. Attendance at an opening retreat and at monthly sessions is mandatory. Those who fail to attend may be asked to withdraw, with no refund of tuition.


Please complete each section fully.  Application must be signed by both applicant and employer/sponsor and returned to the Leadership Fox Cities office no later than Friday, June 26, 2015.  Applications received after the deadline will be put on a waitlist for the 2016-2017 Leadership Fox Cities program.


To graduate from Leadership Fox Cities, a participant is expected to:

  • Attend and participate in a two-day, over-night, out of town Orientation Retreat in September.
  • Attend and participate in all monthly sessions: September 10-11, 2015; October 13, 2015; November 10, 2015; December 8, 2015; January 12, 2016; February 9, 2016; March 8, 2016; April 12, 2016; May 10, 2016. Be on time and remain for the full sessions: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please plan accordingly. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Participate in a small group service project during the program year, but outside of the regular session schedule.
  • Attend the graduation dinner on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

LFC Application 2015-2016

Thank you for your interest in joining Leadership Fox Cities! Please fill out the form to its entirety.
  • Please list your two previous employers, including your responsibility/title and the dates of employment (include active military duty if applicable)
  • Begin with high school; include college(s), advanced degrees and/or specialized training. Please include name and location, degree, major and dates attended.
  • List up to 3 business/professional affiliations; community, civic, religious, social, political/government, athletic, etc
  • There are three (3) $500 scholarships available for non-profits or small businesses (15 employees or less) for the Leadership Fox Cities 2015-2016 program year. The remainder of the tuition is to be paid by the employer, the participant or a combination of both. Scholarship requests will be reviewed when the application deadline is met. You will be notified at that time if you receive a scholarship.
    I understand the purposes of the Leadership Fox Cities program and if I am selected I agree to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program. I understand that, barring an emergency, my attendance is required and failure to comply may result in my dismissal from the class without a tuition refund.

    If accepted into Leadership Fox Cities program, you or your employer/sponsor will be billed for the tuition fee which covers all education, training and meal expenses. If your company is a Fox Cities Chamber member, tuition is $1,600. For non-members, tuition costs are $2,100. Tuition payment is to be PAID IN FULL by Friday, August 20th.

    Please see above in the "Committment" section for program dates and graduation date.

Once submitted, you should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive this e-mail, you may want to check your spam filter as this e-mail is sent on behalf of the Fox Cities Chamber or we may not have received your application.

For questions, please contact, Joy Kapheim, Director, at jkapheim@foxcitieschamber.com or 920.734.7101

Application Deadline: Friday, June 26, 2015